Governance ensures that the company proves its commitment to business ethics by establishing trust in internal relationships between employees and external with clients. It takes care that the company respects the universe. HLT constantly monitors the practices of its employees and managers so that they do not cause external risks or impacts.

As a business entity, HLT has managers on its team who takes of the practical part of the exercise and bureaucracy of its activities. Precisely because it needs managers, corporate governance keeps track of the processes they conduct, in order to minimize impacts in the event of misconduct. Monitoring happens through internal rules, audits and autonomy restrictions.

HLT’s governance also ensure that the relationships between partners, board and management team is in accordance with the requirements of the inspection and control public agencies. HLT ensures that the processes and strategies adopted by its management follow a correct procedure and that there is permanent accountability.

HLT makes sure that rules are created to prevent the undesirable conduct of its managers, so that the decisions they make are always predictable and authorized by the board. Audits are periodically performed to verify that the established rules are being properly complied with and, if any prejudicial activity of any of the managers is found, their autonomy may be partially or totally limited.

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Support our customers in an efficient and committed manner, providing high performance and quality engineering solutions, equipment, products and services, always seeking a long-term relationship.  


Provide complete and sustainable solutions to our customers during presales, sales and after sales. Thus, achieving extraordinary levels of relationship, partnership and trust with them, growing in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner.


• High Performance
• Technology on State of the Art
• Energy Efficiency
• Respect for the Environment
• Reliability
• Economy


• Ethic
• Innovation
• Sustainability
• Commitment
• Environmental Awareness




One of HLT’s greatest commitments is to produce and work in accordance with all ethical and moral principles of society, ensuring that its performance follows all market norms.

Compliance covers the entire company continuously and uninterrupted, aiming to prevent the application of punishments resulting from non-compliance with the law, seeking comply with all legal requirements related to the activities developed by the group.

HLT establishes internal norms and policies in order to build its image before the society and the market in which it operates. The staff is trained in the laws, regulations and policies of the company and their impact on the liability of acts. It is essential that all employees of the company are aware of organizational conduct, according to public and private parameters. HLT’s policy pillars are transparency, accountability, corporate responsibility and business ethics.

It is important to emphasize, that through compliance, HLT obstructs the adoption of seemingly legal practices that can be morally questionable, so that its image of integrity and good repute which is characteristic of it remains unquestionable. With the integrated multidisciplinary action between managers, legal team, commercial team, technology and employees, HLT keeps all conducts under its control so that it is possible to eliminate those that are potentially prejudicial to its activities and to its customers.