With companies trusted by consumers worldwide, the HLT GROUP offers a broad variety of top-quality products and services to each companies’ sector. We build upon our strong base by further expanding our brands’ presence and utilizing our strong network of strategic partners to access all opportunities.

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HLT Infra is the exclusive representative in Latin America and Europe of renowned international manufacturers of equipment for the following sectors: Tunnel Construction, Foundations and Railway Solutions. The company counts with a highly trained staff of professionals to identify opportunities, to fulfill complex and technical commercial demands, and to provide an excellent after-sales support to its clients, thus acting as a true "hub" among leading manufacturers, who want to develop their commercial network in the region and in the most different customers, both in Latin America and in Europe.





HLT EcoSolutions is an engineering company that offers to its clients a value-driven diverse range of products for energy efficiency. The company belongs to the important group of companies called in the recent years ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) and aims to provide energy services to final energy users, including the analysis of the customers energy matrix, and its improvement by supplying and installing energy efficient equipment for Thermal and Electrical energy. We can also finance or arrange financing for the operation. In this case, usually our remuneration is directly tied to the energy savings achieved to the client.



HLT Tratamentos Ambientais was born with the mission of helping its customers to leave a legacy of sustainability and respect for the environment through the most modern processes for the treatment of mining tailings, solid wastes, water and effluents through the highest, safest and already proven technologies. Our alliance with manufacturer TEFSA has allowed us to aim with state-of-the-art equipment and a vast reference list worldwide for this environmental problem, which is so much on today’s agenda and for the future.